• Burning time | Min 5 hours PJ BINCHOTAN


  • Ash color | White PJ BINCHOTAN

  • Advantage

    • No smell

    • No smoke

    • No spark

  • Application

  • Length & Diameter

    • 3cm - 10cm

    • 3cm - 10cm


  • Specifications
    PJ Binchotan
  • Fixed carbon
    > 85%
  • Heat value
    > 7500 Kcal ⁄Kg
  • Volatile matter
    < 8%
  • Ash content
    < 3%
  • Moisture
    < 5%

Our best charcoal
with the most
innovative technology

PJ Binchotan is toxin-free, making it perfect
for high class restaurants, indoor gatherings
and air-conditioned environments
PJ Binchotan is free of harmful substances, thus
safeguarding the respiratory system and health
of you
and your loved ones
PJ Binchotan emits high infrared heat and penetrates
the food
, elevate flavors to achieve perfectly cooked
food with a crispy exterior and juicy interior
Say goodbye to ash problems as PJ Binchotan leaves no
residue, ensuring a clean and delightful grilling session
Each charcoal piece is meticulously crafted, resembling
a piece of exquisite diamond,
tailored to meet the
unique requirements of our customers

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